How do I arrange a Funeral?

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The church is here to support the bereaved whether or not you choose to have a funeral service at St. Albright’s. The following brief notes give some guidance and basic information but please feel free to contact the Priest in Charge if you have any questions or matters which you would like to discuss. 

How do I arrange a Funeral?

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time, with many things to take care of. The clergy at St Albright’s see funerals as a very important part of their ministry, which extends beyond simply taking the service. They are very happy to talk to you at any time after the death of a relative or friend.

Making arrangements

The funeral director, who will also make arrangements with the crematorium or cemetery, can contact us on your behalf, or you can contact us directly. Not all funeral directors will automatically contact one of the parish clergy, so it is important to check who they will be contacting and ask for one of the clergy from St Albright’s.  

When you meet with the funeral directors, remember that having the funeral in church is always an option. Although for many people a service in the chapel at the cemetery or crematorium is what they would be happiest with, everyone is entitled to a funeral in their Parish Church and this is particularly appropriate for someone who worshipped there during their lifetime.

Before the funeral

After receiving a request from the funeral director, we will always get in touch with you to arrange a home visit before the service (if you live some distance away, we will try and arrange a time to meet with you at the church, or if that is not possible at least have a conversation by phone). The purpose of this meeting is to discuss any thoughts you have about the details of the service (such as hymns, and other music) and to find out a bit about the person who has died, as well as to provide pastoral support.

After the funeral

The minister is always happy to visit you if you think it would help to talk further. We will continue to pray in church for you and for the person who has died. We believe prayer for those who have died to be very important, as it is something positive that we can do for them. You are also very welcome to come into the church at any time to say a prayer and to light a candle as a symbol of that prayer. We have a Pastoral Assistant who also offers Bereavement Ministry to those who desire it. 


Church of England Guide to Funerals