Funeral and Graveyard Policy

Please see the general introduction to funerals on the website.If you have any questions about this or the following regulations you may contact the Priest in Charge who will be happy to talk to you.

1. By law any resident of the Parish of Stanway or anyone who dies in the Parish of Stanway has a legal right (provided there is space available and the churchyard is 'open') to be buried in St Albright’s graveyard.

2. The Priest in Charge will normally conduct funeral services in St Albright’s. Other Christian ministers may conduct services or assist the Priest in Charge at the discretion of the Priest in Charge.

3. Memorials shall conform to the regulations set out in the ‘Churchyard Handbook’  published by the Diocese of Chelmsford. This sets out the size, type and wording normally permitted for memorials.Anything different will require a faculty or special permission.

4. Maintenance of memorials is the responsibility of the person or persons making application for the erection of the memorial.

5. Where a memorial is not maintained and becomes unsafe the Parochial Church Council will seek to ensure maintenance by the person or persons responsible or when this is not possible:
a. If resources permit, restore the memorial to a safe condition or
b. Where resources do not permit, apply for a faculty for the removal of the memorial or such parts of the memorial as would render it safe.

The following rules form part of this policy:

Churchyard Rules

1. Monuments in the churchyard can only be erected persuant to the Headstone Regulations with the consent of the Priest in Charge (under the Diocesan Chancellor's general direction) and the appropriate fee has been paid.

2. Surrounds to graves, free standing pots or other containers or ornaments are not permitted. Grave sites should be made level with the surrounding grass.

3. Shrubs or other plants may not be planted on graves without the  permission of the Parochial Church Council. (PCC)

4. Plastic flowers are not permitted in the churchyard unless the Parochial Church Council have given their prior consent and will be removed if faded, out of season or of unnatural colour.

5. Ornaments, toys, flashing lights, windmills, wind chimes etc.and any other items that are deemed not to be in keeping within the natural environment are not permitted in the churchyard.

6. Any of the unauthorised items listed above and any unsightly or dead flowers will be removed.

7. The PCC may also take such action as is necessaryto ensure the stability and safety of all churchyard memorials including the laying down or relocating of stone as appropriate, together with the removal of all embellishments that do not comply with the headstone regulations.

8. Commemorative trees may not be planted without permission from the Priest in Charge and the Parochial Church Council.

9. All combustible waste material must be put within the area set aside for the purpose at the south end  of the churchyard.

10. Non-combustible material must either be taken away or put in the dustbin or inside a plastic bag in the basket by the Church Lane gate.

11. Please close the gates after entry and exit to prevent stray animals entering the churchyard.

12. If accompanied by pets, please keep them under control.

NB There is a water Stand pipe and watering can by the wall alongside the main road  (London Road) .  Please ensure that the water tap is turned off and the watering can returned after use.